About Us

Giftract was started with a vision of making the process of gifting more fun and memorable. 

With a vision to make gifting an interactive process, we get the name Gift - Ract from Gifts that Interact.

We believe that gifts should last for more than just a moment, they should last forever.

We felt that technology, if used in the correct way, can encourage interaction and engagement between people.

So we thought of using the smartphone to do what it actually was meant to do, i.e. bring people closer and encourage them to interact.

We created a variety of customised apps and mini games that we felt would be fun and cool to gift our friends and family on different occasions.

And so we created this website to help you do exactly that.

All our APPs are created keeping in mind that they should encourage the person (s) gifting and the person receiving the APP to interact with one another in a fun and memorable way. 

We look forward to you joining us on this crazy journey. All our products come with a guarantee : they never fail to surprise!

Keep Gifting, Keep Interacting!