Frequently Asked Questions

Well, coming to think of it, we didn’t think of that unit of measurement. We can think of breaking the time and space continuum though with 3 options for the same -

  • Each app will be delivered via email within 48 hours from the time of data submission.
  • Extra charge for Express delivery i.e. within 24 hours via email.
  • Data submission needs to be done 10 days prior to delivery date for downloading the app from Apple/Android store.

If you are talking about the friends group limit, then of course you may do so, by incurring extra charges. Even if you’re talking about your age, we can’t defy biology, can we? Anyway, to know more about expanding your groups (not anything else) please contact us.

We knew it! You people are so moody. That’s exactly why we have kept it flexible. To create your own theme you can mail us the details. We shall revert to you with the extra charges (maybe a drop of your blood) and time requirement (including your afterlife, LOL!).

Our messenger has unfortunately been "This is Sparta"ed into the abysmal well by The Great Leonidas. You will be receiving a step by step guideline (so that nobody gets kicked again) on basis of your selection at the time of the delivery.

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