Wheel of Desires


24 hours delivery
option available


  • The perfect naughty bedroom game for couples looking for a romantic and fun evening together.
  • Take turns to spin the wheel and hope for the best. The wheel is divided into 4 colour categories - Dirty Dice, Cum Card, Truth and Dare and Lucky Spin. Each time you spin and land on a colour, the corresponding task will appear.
  • Each task earns you a specific number of points. The first one to reach 100 points wins the game. The winner gets to be the master for the night and can ask for a favour to be performed from their 'List of Fantasies'

P.S. The game is password protected, so no hassles of finding a good hiding place.

Also, when things get too hot to handle, just toss your phone away and choose between picking up from where you left at or starting a new game!

Things you can customise:

  • APP name and icon 
  • Password for the APP
  • Player names that will appear during each of your turns
  • List of fantasies for each player.

Note: We will provide you a default list for reference. You can choose to keep it as it is or make changes in it.