Unlock the Message


24 hours delivery
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Showcase your love, but with a small twist. Lock the surprise with a password. Let them guess the password correctly, in order to unlock their surprise message!

What does the APP consist of?

  • Send us your favorite picture to be used as the APP icon.
  • Choose what you want to call your APP by customizing the APP Name.
  • A special page with your loved one's best picture hinting towards what's coming next.
  • A question chosen just by you.

    Eg. Enter Password HINT: If you were paying attention all these years, you would know my favourite colour is... (You can choose between a multiple choice question or make your loved one type the answer alphabet by alphabet)

  • The final surprise! You can choose any 1 from the following:   
  • Send us a specially recorded video message for your loved one.
  • For the camera shy ones : A text message written by you, along with a picture of your choice.

Pro Tip :

Opt for the 'type in the answer' question type. It builds up the excitement and makes it slightly tougher for your loved one to unlock their surprise!

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