Picture Puzzle


24 hours delivery
option available


Jigsaw puzzles? Here's one with a twist! A puzzle custom created from your favourite photo. They must solve the puzzle completely, to reveal their special surprise!

What does the APP consist of?

  • Send us any picture to be used as the APP icon.
  • Choose what you want to call your APP by customizing the APP Name.
  • An introductory slide with some fun captions, explaining your loved one what this is about. And maybe establishing some rules?
  • A special page with your loved one's best picture wishing them good luck before they begin their quest!
  • Send us your favourite picture and we'll create a jigsaw puzzle out of it.
  • The special surprise. You can choose any one from the following: 
  • A video message recorded by you.
  • A text message with a picture.
  • Create your own surprise voucher. For eg. Pack your bags and get set. We are going away for the weekend! (Please Note: You will have to have a weekend vacation planned to display this voucher)  

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