Lots of Love



For a special person who means a lot to a bunch of people. A teacher, boss, mentor, guide? Tell them how they've made a difference in each one of your lives.

Add up to 16 messages in this one or request for more by simply getting in touch with us!

What does the APP consist of?

  • Send us any picture to be used as the APP icon.
  • Choose what you want to call your APP by customizing the APP Name.
  • Pick a theme for messages. Everyone in the group must stick to this theme to make it more fun! You can choose from our list or make your own.
  •     Eg. Your most memorable incident with the person receiving this gift.

              The one thing you love about the person receiving this gift

  • A special page for the super special person with their best picture and a collective mini-message!
  • A collage screen displaying each one of your pictures.
  • Up to 16  special messages! Each of you can choose any 1 from the following:   
  • Send us a specially recorded video message for the special one.
  • For the camera shy ones : A text message written by you, along with a picture of your choice.

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