Just Married



For the ones who just got married or are about to. A surprise each for every special emotion you go through as a newly married couple!

What does the APP consist of?

  • Choose your own APP name and icon.
  • A quirky introduction for what to expect from the APP.
  • A picture collage screen to put the Wedding shoot pictures to good use!. Each image will be captioned with a specific emotion and will reveal the respective surprise.
  • 6 surprises. 1 for each emotion.  
  • Qualification Criteria   
    • A quirky but funny set of things that the couple must tick off to earn the title of a Classic Married Couple. 
    • For example: Play tug of war with your bedsheet in the middle of the night.
  • Missing Ghar ka khaana
    • Add the recipe for your loved one's favourite food, just the way it's made at their house. 
  • We Miss you too!
    • A trip down memory lane with loving messages from friends and family along with some pictures and childhood memories.
  • First BIG fight
    • A heartfelt apology for your loved one, which will prompt them to erase the anger and the image, to reveal the cutest surprise that will melt their heart ! 
    • Note: The surprise will be a voucher as an apology. eg. I shall be your private genie for a day.
  • Laugh together Stay together
    • A bunch of silly but hilarious jokes that will leave your loved one laughing out loud.
  • Experts Talk
    • Tips curated by experienced marriage experts to help you survive the journey garnished with sarcasm and laughter.