Forgive Me?



Messed up and need to make up for it? Keep it simple silly! Here's an apology that will make them smile for years to come.

Ask them something that reminds them of your happy moments. The correct answer will surprise them with a super cute apology message!

What does the APP consist of?

  • Send us your favorite picture to be used as the APP icon.
  • Choose what you want to call your APP by customizing the APP Name.
  • A special page with your loved one's best picture and a few words to motivate them to go further.
  • A question chosen just by you.

    Eg. Remember the time when you messed up and got me a gift to make up for it? Do you remember what it was? (You can choose between a multiple choice question or make your loved one type the answer alphabet by alphabet)

  • The final surprise! You can choose any 1 from the following:   
  • Send us a specially recorded video message for your loved one.
  • For the camera shy ones : A text message written by you, along with a picture of your choice.

Pro Tip :

Confused about what to say or write to ensure this ends with a smile?  Ask our experts for some help when you begin customising your APP!

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