Be Mine?


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Proposing? Pop the question when they least expect it. Quiz them with a series of meaningless questions and randomly pop the big one when they least expect it!

What does the APP consist of?

  • Send us any picture to be used as the APP icon.
  • Choose what you want to call your APP by customizing the APP Name.
  • A few introductory slides with some fun captions.
  • Up to 20 multiple choice questions. You can choose from our existing set of questions or write your own. 
  •     Some sample questions:

    - My favourite colour is?

    - Solve this :  2 + 20 - 52 + (84 X 91) / 0 = ?

    - Name the 7th planet from the sun.

    - Who is the 1 person who annoys me the most?

    - Where are the pyramids located?    

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