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A special surprise for every mood your loved one goes through!

With some cute tasks and games packed in this one, we promise you your loved one's moods will surely be looked after.

What does the APP consist of?

  • Choose your own APP name and icon.
  • An introductory slide with some fun captions.
  • 6 surprises. 1 for each mood.  
  • Need Attention
    • A list of 10 adorable myths which your loved one will blow as a bubble. Each bubble will pop after a few seconds to prove that the exact opposite is actually true.
    • For example :
    • 1. You love me waaaayyyy more than I love you
    • 2. Your smile is NOT my favourite thing in this world!
  • Missing Me
    • A panic button for your loved one to click cause missing you is surely an emergency! The panic button is customised to automatically dial your number. 
  • Feeling Bored
    • A memory game for your loved one to play when they're feeling bored.
    • Your loved one has to make pairs of 2 identical icons by remembering the position of each tile. The icons will be customised as per what your loved one is fond of. Example : bags, cupcakes, teddy, car, etc.
    • P.S. The tiles shuffle each time you re-open the APP making the game fun to play even later!
  • Feeling Competitive
    • Your loved one can compete with you or the computer in a battle of tictactoe.
    • The X and O will be customised with your names.
  • Angry With You
    • In order to help you save yourself from probably getting beaten up, we offer a peaceful solution.
    • We will display a cute selfie of you and let your loved one scratch it and erase the image to vent out their frustration.
  • Feeling Naughty
    • A list of some of your wildest fantasies and some naughty dares for you both to indulge in. You can tick off each fantasy on the list once you  complete them.

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