5 senses


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Special surprises that appeal to each of your loved one's 5 senses: sight, taste, sound, touch and smell!

What does the APP consist of?

  • Choose your own APP name and icon.
  • Set some ground rules with some pretty pictures of the both of you and some fun captions.
  • 5 surprises! One for each of the 5 senses. You can choose from a list of our ideas/vouchers or create your own! For Example:
  • There's a gift hiding for you under the bed! (You can use like a treasure hunt this in case you want to club the APP along with some other gifts you are planning to get. They must play each task in order to reveal a surprise)
  • Redeem this voucher and I shall be obliged to click 10 instagram worthy pictures of you without complaining!
  • 5 mini games/tasks for your loved one to play. P.S. Some of them will have you in splits with laughter!  
  • Smell
    • A fun task asking your loved one to smell a pair of smelly socks to prove their love for you. They must touch their nose, to reveal the stinky green smoke and also the button to unlock their surprise!
  • Sight
    • A picture is worth a thousand words. Ask your special one to fix a customised puzzle of your favourite picture, to reveal their surprise!
  • Taste
    • Watch your loved one deliver some lines packed with more cheese than a double cheese margherita! We'll throw in some food puns to have you both laughing and help with some inspiration.
  • Touch
    •  A naughty image teasing your loved one to some dirty fun! They must erase the image to see their surprise.
  • Hear
    • An audio dare game where they must hear your voice clipping and perform a task. A password is shared with you to ensure you're happy with their performance. Cause you no happy = no surprise right?

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